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Docente: Giuseppina Carbone

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° Catching up

° Introduction to J. Joyce and the Dubliners:

Key words:

-Paralysis, mystery, multiple points of view, punishment, conscience and instincts, exoticism, orientalism, detachment, epiphany, teenage love, family, stream of consciousness, the continent, reckless youth, social classes, role reversal, manipulation, entrapment, ambiguity, provincial attitude, violence, alcohol, villain and victim, loneliness, isolation, abandonment, restraint, politics, Irish revival, women’s rights, moral tale, business-like religion, success and failure, death.

° How to do a power point (does and don’ts)

° Power point presentations of the Dubliners:

-The Sisters

-An encounter



-After the Race

-Two Gallants

-The Boarding House

-A little Cloud



-A painful Case

-Ivy Day in the Committee Room

-A Mother


-The Dead

° Automated vehicles: Video, reading and comprehension, summarising

° Mongoose: reading and comprehension, summarising

° Video on Joyce’s “The Dead”

° Test Invalsi: listening, reading and comprehension

° How to write a short story given the ending

° Face Blindness: listening, reading and comprehension

° Historical projects/presentations:

-1941 Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

-1945 labour Party wins majority

-1945 Separation of Berlin

-1945 Death of Roosevelt and Truman president

-1945 D Day

-1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki

-1947 Marshall Plan

-1948 Stalin

-1950 Stalin and Kim II

-1955 Beginning of the Vietnam war

-1956 Hungarian Revolt against the Soviet Union

-1956 Israel, France, Britain attack Egypt

-1961 Construction of the Berlin Wall

-1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

-1963 Assassination of JFK

-1964 Civil Rights Act in the USA

-1979 M. Thatcher Prime Minister

-1985 Gorbachev comes into power in the Soviet Union

-1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall

-1991 End of the Soviet Union

-1993 NAFTA


° 5 minute video on Angela’s Ashes: questions and answers

° An extract from Angela’s Ashes: listening, reading and comprehension

° Brexit: reading and comprehension

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