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4.1.1 The Class “Tirocinio”:

Fig. 4.1
This class displays a simple window having a menu bar and the three usual buttons (reduce to icon,maximize and close); It can be resized manually by dragging one of its border. (Fig. 4.1 and 4.2)

Fig. 4.2

The menu bar is composed by two menus called “File” and “Window”.

The “File” menu has two entries: ”New Project”and “Exit”; the first one opens one or more window where the user can build the circuit, the second one exits the program. (Fig.4.3)

Fig. 4.3

When a new project is opened the project window shows a sequential number.(Fig.4.4)

Fig. 4.4

The “Window” menu tiles the open window projects horizontally or vertically and selects one of opened project (this can be done clicking on the window too). (Fig.4.5)

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