December 17th. Candidate mmm2401. Word count: 3474

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Building Islam, a brief history of the mosque & other structures.

December 17th.


Word count: 3474.

Texts and architecture: Islamic texts, Divina Commedia and Danteum.

Structure of the essay:


Part 1. The Danteum situated.

Part 1.1 The built environment & politics of architecture in pre-war fascist Italy.

Part 2. Dante & Islam.

Part 2.1. Islamic religious origins of the Divina Commedia.

Part 2.2. Islamic philosophical origins of the Divina Commedia.

Part 2.3. Islamic scientific origins of the Divina Commedia.

Part 3. Danteum & Divina Commedia.

Part 3.1. Terragni, Lingeri, Bontempelli and Sironi, a joint venture of the arts.

Part 3.2. Architectural translation, from text to form.

The present essay discusses the relationship between Islam and the architecture of Giuseppe Terragni’s unbuilt Danteum. We will be looking at literature, religious texts and scientific texts in order to understand the degree to which Islamic sources have influenced the Divina Commedia, poem upon which the Danteum is based. We shall then look at the design of the Danteum to establish whether any form of Islamic influence could have inadvertently permeated in the architecture of the decidedly Rationalist building. Since the Danteum is based on a text, we are also concerned with the question of what a translation from text to three-dimensional form implies.

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