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It was never built despite Mussolini’s positive review and instruction to move forward with the design in late 1938.6 Besides the technical difficulties the building would have faced during the construction phase (glass columns supported on thin slab portions that are themselves supported by another thin set of columns, 25cm Pyrex slits separating each slab portion, etc.) [see Fig.1], the war is generally held responsible for the unaccomplished status of the project. However, Gabriele Milelli has argued that the war was merely used as an excuse to conceal the political feuds and stakes of the project.7 Ongoing tensions between Marcello Piacentini and Terragni may indeed have contributed to the delaying of the Danteum’s construction.8 It seems odd that various E42 projects were being commissioned as late as December 1937 and were still being built in 1943, while the Danteum was unable to follow a similar schedule. This certainly does beg the question of what could have delayed the process.

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