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Robert Louis Stevenson: life and works

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – photocopies

Oscar Wilde: life and works

The Picture of Dorian Gray – text 14 p.292-293

The Importance of Being Earnest – text 15 p.296-297


Historical background (Social and political changes in Britain/The First World War/The Spanish Civil War/The Second World War/War on civilians/Decline as world power) – Society and Letters (The spirit of rupture/A mass society/New views of human nature, perception and belief/Changing role of the writer/Cosmopolitans and exiles/Avant-gard art/Prose fiction: the first three decades/Tradition and continuity/Prose: the Thirties and after/The short story/Poetry: the first thirty years and after/Theatre and the Irish Literary Renaissance) – Innovative techniques: drama, the experimental novel, free verse.
Joseph Conrad: life and works

Heart of Darkness – text 1 p.320-321

Virginia Woolf: life and works

To the Lighthouse – text 3 p.330-331

James Joyce: life and works

Eveline (from Dubliners) – photocopy

The Dead (from Dubliners) – photocopy

Ulysses (from episode 18 Penelope): Molly’s monologue – text 5 p.340

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