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NESTI Renzo – Refereed Journals publication list 2010-2013

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NESTI Renzo – Refereed Journals publication list 2010-2013

  1. L. Lucci, R. Nesti, G. Pelosi, S. Selleri, “A Stackable Constant-Width Corrugated Horn Design for High-Performance and Low-Cost Feed Arrays at Millimeter Wavelengths,” IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagat. Letters AWPL, Vol. 11, 1162-1165, Oct. 2012

  2. G. Pisano, R. Nesti, M. W. Ng, A. Orfei, D. Panella, P. Wilkinson, “A Novel Broadband Q-Band Polarizer with Very Flat Phase Response,” ,” J. of Electromagn. Waves and Appl., Vol. 26, No. 5-6, 707-715, Jul. 2012

  3. A. Mennella et al (R. Nesti), “Planck early results: First assessment of the Low Frequency Instrument in-flight performance,” A&A, Jan 2011

  4. N. Mandolesi et al. (R. Nesti), “Planck pre-launch status: The Planck-LFI programme,” A&A 520, A3, Oct.. 2010

  5. M. Bersanelli et al. (R. Nesti), “Planck pre-launch status: Design and Description of the Low Frequency Instrument,” A&A 520, A4, Oct.. 2010

  6. M. Sandri et al. (R. Nesti)), “Planck pre-launch status: Low Frequency Instrument ptics,” A&A 520, A7, Oct.. 2010

  7. G. Giunta, L. Lucci, R. Nesti, G. Pelosi, S. Selleri, F. Serrano, “A Comparison between Standard and Crossfeed Monopulse Radars in Presence of Rough Sea Scattering and Ship Movements,” International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, vol. 2010, 2010

  8. A. Orfei, L. Carbonaro, A. Cattani, A. Cremonini, L. Cresci, F. Fiocchi, A. Maccaferri, G. Maccaferri, S. Mariotti, J. Monari, M. Morsiani, V. Natale, R. Nesti, D. Panella, M. Poloni, J. Roda, A. Scalambra, G. Tofani, “A Multi-Feed Receiver in the 18 to 26.5GHz Band for Radio Astronomy,” IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine., Vol. 52, 4, pp 62-72, Aug. 2010

  9. G. Valente, T. Pisanu, P. Bolli, S. Mariotti, P. Marongiu, A. Navarrini, R. Nesti, A. Orfei, J. Roda, “The dual-band LP feed system for the Sardinia Radio Telescope prime focus” Proc. SPIE Vol 7741, Jun. 2010

GREGORINI Loretta – Refereed Journals publication list 2010-2013

  1. Righini et al. 2012, MNRAS 426,2107 “A 20 GHz bright sample for δ > +72° - I. Catalogue”

  2. Guidetti et al. 2011, MNRAS 413, 2525 “Ordered magnetic fields around radio galaxies: evidence for interaction with the environment”

  3. Santangelo et al. 2010, A&A 520, 50 “The molecular environment of the Galactic star forming region G19.61-0.23”

  4. Abbas et al. 2010, MNRAS 406, 1306 “The VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey: evolution in the halo occupation number since z ~ 1”

  5. Guidetti et al. 2010, A&A 514, 50 “Structure of the magnetoionic medium around the Fanaroff-Riley Class I radio galaxy 3C 449”

  6. Prandoni et al. 2010 A&A 510, 42 “The ATESP 5 GHz radio survey. III. 4.8, 8.6 and 19 GHz follow-up observations of radio galaxies”

MARCONI Alessandro – Refereed Journals publication list 2010-2013

  1. Gnerucci, A., Marconi, A., Capetti, A., Axon, D. J., & Robinson, A. 2013, "Spectroastrometry of rotating gas disks for the detection of supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei. III. CRIRES observations of the Circinus galaxy", A&A 549, A139

  1. Domiciano de Souza, A., Hadjara, M., Vakili, F., Bendjoya, P., Millour, F., Abe, L., Carciofi, A. C., Faes, D. M., Kervella, P., Lagarde, S., Marconi, A., Monin, J.-L., Niccolini, G., Petrov, R. G., & Weigelt, G. 2012, "Beyond the diffraction limit of optical/IR interferometers. I. Angular diameter and rotation parameters of Achernar from differential phases", A&A 545, A130

  1. Hönig, S. F., Kishimoto, M., Antonucci, R., Marconi, A., Prieto, M. A., Tristram, K., & Weigelt, G. 2012, "Parsec-scale Dust Emission from the Polar Region in the Type 2 Nucleus of NGC 424", ApJ 755, 149

  1. Araki, N., Nagao, T., Matsuoka, K., Marconi, A., Maiolino, R., Ikeda, H., Hashimoto, T., Taniguchi, Y., & Murayama, T. 2012, "Near-infrared spectroscopy of a nitrogen-loud quasar SDSS J1707+6443", A&A 543, A143

  1. Weigelt, G., Hofmann, K.-H., Kishimoto, M., Hönig, S., Schertl, D., Marconi, A., Millour, F., Petrov, R., Fraix-Burnet, D., Malbet, F., Tristram, K., & Vannier, M. 2012, "VLTI/AMBER observations of the Seyfert nucleus of NGC 3783", A&A 541, L9

  1. Cresci, G., Mannucci, F., Sommariva, V., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., & Brusa, M. 2012, "The metallicity properties of zCOSMOS galaxies at 0.2 < z < 0.8", MNRAS 421, 262

  1. Sommariva, V., Mannucci, F., Cresci, G., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., Nagao, T., Baroni, A., & Grazian, A. 2012, "Stellar metallicity of star-forming galaxies at z ~ 3", A&A 539, A136

  1. Cano-Díaz, M., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., Netzer, H., Shemmer, O., & Cresci, G. 2012, "Observational evidence of quasar feedback quenching star formation at high redshift", A&A 537, L8

  1. Gnerucci, A., Marconi, A., Capetti, A., Axon, D. J., Robinson, A., & Neumayer, N. 2011, "Spectroastrometry of rotating gas disks for the detection of supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei. II. Application to the galaxy Centaurus A (NGC 5128)", A&A 536, A86

  1. Orban de Xivry, G., Davies, R., Schartmann, M., Komossa, S., Marconi, A., Hicks, E., Engel, H., & Tacconi, L. 2011, "The role of secular evolution in the black hole growth of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies", MNRAS 417, 2721

  1. Chiaberge, M. & Marconi, A. 2011, "On the origin of radio loudness in active galactic nuclei and its relationship with the properties of the central supermassive black hole", MNRAS 416, 917

  1. Gnerucci, A., Marconi, A., Cresci, G., Maiolino, R., Mannucci, F., Schreiber, N. M. F., Davies, R., Shapiro, K., & Hicks, E. K. S. 2011, "A dynamical mass estimator for high z galaxies based on spectroastrometry", A&A 533, A124

  1. Fathi, K., Axon, D. J., Storchi-Bergmann, T., Kharb, P., Robinson, A., Marconi, A., Maciejewski, W., & Capetti, A. 2011, "An Hα Nuclear Spiral Structure in the E0 Active Galaxy Arp 102B", ApJ 736, 77

  1. Matsuoka, K., Nagao, T., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., & Taniguchi, Y. 2011, "Chemical properties in the most distant radio galaxy", A&A 532, L10

  1. Orellana, G., Nagar, N. M., Isaak, K. G., Priddey, R., Maiolino, R., McMahon, R., Marconi, A., & Oliva, E. 2011, "Sub-millimeter detected z ~ 2 radio-quiet QSOs. Accurate redshifts, black hole masses, and inflow/outflow velocities", A&A 531, A128

  1. Sani, E., Marconi, A., Hunt, L. K., & Risaliti, G. 2011, "The Spitzer/IRAC view of black hole-bulge scaling relations", MNRAS 413, 1479

  1. Gnerucci, A., Marconi, A., Cresci, G., Maiolino, R., Mannucci, F., Calura, F., Cimatti, A., Cocchia, F., Grazian, A., Matteucci, F., Nagao, T., Pozzetti, L., & Troncoso, P. 2011, "Dynamical properties of AMAZE and LSD galaxies from gas kinematics and the Tully-Fisher relation at z ~ 3", A&A 528, A88

  1. Risaliti, G., Salvati, M., & Marconi, A. 2011, "[O III] equivalent width and orientation effects in quasars", MNRAS 411, 2223

  1. Matsuoka, K., Nagao, T., Marconi, A., Maiolino, R., & Taniguchi, Y. 2011, "The mass-metallicity relation of SDSS quasars", A&A 527, A100

  1. Nagao, T., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., & Matsuhara, H. 2011, "Metallicity diagnostics with infrared fine-structure lines", A&A 526, A149

  1. Mannucci, F., Cresci, G., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., & Gnerucci, A. 2010, "A fundamental relation between mass, star formation rate and metallicity in local and high-redshift galaxies", MNRAS 408, 2115

  1. Gallerani, S., Maiolino, R., Juarez, Y., Nagao, T., Marconi, A., Bianchi, S., Schneider, R., Mannucci, F., Oliva, T., Willott, C. J., Jiang, L., & Fan, X. 2010, "The extinction law at high redshift and its implications", A&A 523, A85

  1. Sarria, J. E., Maiolino, R., La Franca, F., Pozzi, F., Fiore, F., Marconi, A., Vignali, C., & Comastri, A. 2010, "The MBH- Mstar relation of obscured AGNs at high redshift", A&A 522, L3

  1. Cresci, G., Mannucci, F., Maiolino, R., Marconi, A., Gnerucci, A., & Magrini, L. 2010, "Gas accretion as the origin of chemical abundance gradients in distant galaxies", Nature 467, 811

  1. Gnerucci, A., Marconi, A., Capetti, A., Axon, D. J., & Robinson, A. 2010, "Spectroastrometry of rotating gas disks for the detection of supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei. I. Method and simulations", A&A 511, A19

COMPAGNINI Giuseppe – Refereed Journals publication list 2010-2013

  1. G.Compagnini, P.Russo, F.Tomarchio, O.Puglisi, L.D’Urso, S.Scalese “Laser assisted green synthesis of free standing reduced graphene oxides at the water-air interface” Nanotechnology vol.23 pp.505601(1-6) 2012

  2. P.Russo, G.Compagnini, C.Musumeci, B.Pignataro “Raman monitoring of strain induced effects in mechanically deposited single layer graphene” J. Nanosci. Nanotech. Vol. 12, pp. 8755–8758 (2012)

  3. M. Zimbone, P.Musumeci, P.Baeri, E.Messina, S.Boninelli, G.Compagnini, L.Calcagno “Rotational dynamics of gold nanoparticle chains in water solution” J.Nanopart. Res. Vol.14, pp.1308 (1-11) (2012)

  4. L.D’Urso, C.Satriano, G.Forte, G. Compagnini, O.Puglisi “Water structure and charge transfer phenomena at the liquid–graphene interface” Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. vol. 14 pp.14605-14610 (2012)

  5. S.Scalese, V.Scuderi, S.Bagiante, I.Deretzis, A.La Magna, C.Bongiorno, G.Compagnini, S.Gibilisco, N.Piluso, V.Privitera “On the determination of diameter distribution in multi-wall carbon nanotubes by Raman spectroscopy: issues related to excitation laser energy” J.Raman Spectr. Vol.43, pp. 1018–1023 (2012)

  6. A.Neumeister, D.Bartke, N.Barsch, T.Weingärtner, L.Guetaz, A.Montani, G.Compagnini, S.Barcikowski “Interface of Nanoparticle-Coated Electropolished Stents” Langmuir vol.28 pp. 12060–12066 (2012)

  7. G.Forte, L.D’Urso, E.Fazio, S.Patanè, F.Neri, O.Puglisi, G.Compagnini “The effects of liquid environments on the optical properties of linear carbon chains prepared by laser ablation generated plasmas” Appl.Surf.Sci. vol. 258 pp. 9246– 9249 (2012)

  8. E.Fazio, S.Patanè, L.D'Urso, G.Compagnini, F.Neri “Enhanced nonlinear optical response of linear carbon chain colloid mixed with silver nanoparticles” Optics Communications vol.285 pp.2942–2946 (2012)

  9. G.Compagnini, M.G.Sinatra, G.C.Messina, G.Patanè, S.Scalese, O.Puglisi “Monitoring the formation of inorganic fullerene-like MoS2 nanostructures by laser ablation in liquid environments”Appl.Surf.Sci. vol.258 pp.5672-5676 (2012)

  10. G.Compagnini, M.Sinatra, P.Russo, G.C.Messina, O.Puglisi, S.Scalese “Deposition of few layer graphene nanowalls at the electrodes during electric field-assisted laser ablation of carbon in water” Carbon vol.50 pp.2347–2374 (2012)

  11. M.Zimbone, L.Calcagno, G.Messina, P.Baeri, G.Compagnini “Dynamic light scattering and UV–vis spectroscopy of gold nanoparticles solution” Materials Letters vol. 65 pp.2906–2909 (2011)

  12. L.D’Urso, G.Forte, P.Russo, C.Caccamo, G.Compagnini, O.Puglisi “Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Study on 1D-2D Graphene-based Structures” Carbon vol. 49, pp 3149–3157 (2011)

  13. G.Compagnini, G.Forte, F.Giannazzo, V.Raineri, A.LaMagna, I.Deretzis “Ion beam induced defects in graphene: Raman spectroscopy and DFT calculations” J. Mol. Struc. Vol. 993, pp. 506–509 (2011)

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